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Weaving Spaghetti
Weaving Spaghetti
Weaving Spaghetti, Episode 09 - CATS (2019, dir. Tom Hooper)

Hello and welcome to Weaving Spaghetti, a creative media analysis podcast with Kate Bui and Tracy Barnett.

This week on Weaving Spaghetti, Kate and Tracy discuss CATS (2019, dir. Tom Hooper), cognitive dissonance in movies, unexpected nudity and sexuality, and the bizarre, mind-altering trip that is this movie.

Link to An Angelical Year in the Angelical Life of an Angelical Cat: https://goat-song-publishing.itch.io/angelical-life

Coming next is a series of horror movies! If you want to watch along, here’s the list (in relative order):
Susperia (2018)
The VVitch
Ready Or Not
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Only Lovers Left Alive

The music for this episode is No One’s Keeping Score, by the Spin Wires, used under something like a Creative Commons license.

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