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Star Wars: Rogue Trader
Star Wars: Rogue Trader
Star Wars: Rogue Trader, Episode 42 - In Media Res

Our heroes find themselves in the middle of some action, and think back to how they got there. As well, our voice droid is non-responsive today, so the text of the usual outro is included below.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Star Wars–Rogue Trader. If you’ve been enjoying the show, please consider Tweeting about it, telling a friend, or leaving a review wherever you get your podcasts. In regards to the pay tree on, the pending changes to the fee structure make it so smaller campaigns like the other cast suffer. We rely on low-dollar supporters and pay tree on doesn’t seem to care too much about them. We are working on finding a new way to support the show. In the meantime, we appreciate the support you’ve given, and hope you’ll move with us once we make the change.

These flashbacks are an interesting way to tell stories. I wonder how long it’s going to be until we have a flashback within a flashback?