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Star Wars: Rogue Trader
Star Wars: Rogue Trader
Star Wars: Rogue Trader, Episode 33 - How the Mighty Fall

Bragga goes looking for SNES and the rest of the crew ends up caught short by two warring factions in the temple. It’s a shorter episode, so that makes sense.

This should be the last of the poor quality audio. Thanks for putting up with it. And, as the announcer says at the end, the entire crew of TheOtherCast is going to be at Acadecon in Dayton, OH on Nov 10-12. It’s a great small convention and you should consider going if you’re able to make it. We’ll be playing and running games, and there’s even going to be a TheOtherCast panel where we all discuss the show and what it’s like to transition from being a regular group of gamers into a group of gaming podcasters. You can register here: http://theacadecon.com/ Hope to see you there!