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Dresden Files: Columbus
Dresden Files: Columbus
Dresden Files: Columbus, Episode 19 - What Comes After

After Eve’s sacrifice, time marches on. Our investigators deal with their losses, see what the future has in store, and meet a new friend.

Music in this episode:

– Mastered, BenFlocka
– Love Dream, The Zombie Dandies
– It Looks Like the Future but it Feels Like the Past, Doctor Turtle
– Welcome to Zombie Coast, The Zombie Dandies
– Sonnenaufgang (Schwimmen mit Buckelwalen), Marijn de Boer ft. Stefan Kartenberg
– Forever Sky, Scott Buckley

All tracks used under a Creative Commons license, or with artist permission. Tracks may have been altered or edited for this episode.

All sound effects courtesy of Freesound.org

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