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Again took my desire to tweet out a thread and made it into a blog post! Here’s to changing habits. Now.

Two really cool things happened today.

Forward, Reforged

First, I woke up to an email from my editor, Dominique Dickey. They finished their pass on Iron Edda Reforged! I’m really, really happy with the work and effort that Dominique put in. When we talked about what I wanted out of edits, I said that I wanted the text to ooze with feeling about what the game and the setting are like. I also needed it to read cleanly because games have to explain what’s going on. Y’know, so people can play them.

Dominique said (and I quote) “It *definitely* made me want to bleed neon and take down the corporate overlords.” Now, that? That’s awesome and it hits exactly the tone I was going for. I took time today and, aside from a couple of revisions, the text is done! It’s always good to make solid progress on a project and to have one fewer things sitting on the docket.

Live, from Detroit!

Second, this past weekend I had the (literal) honor of being a Guest of Honor for Penguicon! It was an awesome time being able to be around people again, talking about the stuff that I do and love.

One of my talks was TTRPG Design Basics wherein the attendees and I worked together to come up with the basic framework of a new game. I did that to illustrate my process and why I make the design choices I make.

The game CONTRABAND OVERDOSE is a gritty game focused on a group of unfortunate people who owe a debt and have to work together to deliver a shipment of highly addictive drugs from a crime lord named Hoss. I based the mechanics on Honey Heist by Grant Howitt, which is always a solid move (love that game).

I got the basics outlined during the talk and, today, I got all of it drafted! Now I just need to get it prettied up with some layout and I’ll have a new game to release. It’s been quite a few months since that’s happened. I don’t know if it signals a return to form but it feels good to have gotten something like that done.

That’s it for today! Worth the time to write up a blog post? I think so, if only to do more work on carving new channels in my brain so I don’t default to using Twitter for, well, everything. That’s gotta be an improvement, right?