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Over the past couple of weeks, Elon Musk has been dancing around with Twitter. First he’s on the board, then he’s not. Then he wants to buy Twitter. That bit, unfortunately, seems to be trending in his favor. All of the chatter on my Twitter timeline right now is about Musk’s possible purchase, one which Twitter’s board seems to be seriously considering.

This, for me and many other people I know, would spell the end of them using Twitter.

This isn’t a new thing. Platforms change all the time. MySpace was huge, then faded. Yahoo bought Tumblr and it faded. Facebook has sucked since forever. Twitter is far, far from a perfect place but this one hurts. I can safely say that without Twitter, I wouldn’t have the work I have, the publication history I have, or many of the friends I have. It has allowed me to connect and network with countless people over the years.

At the same time, I can see how I became reliant on it. It’s where I do most of my marketing. As I began to get better at writing threads, I posted here less and less. It fundamentally changed the ways in which I do my work. Some of that’s been good but it’s the reliance part that’s troubling me now.Without it, how do I reach people? How do I overcome the single biggest issue for almost any professional artist? How will people see my work?

The answer I’m going to pursue is an old one, from the days when BBS and UseNet turned into the Worldwide Web: its this website, right here.

I’ve been putting in effort behind the scenes to spruce this place up. I’ve been trying to write here more. And all of that is going to increase sharply in the days and weeks to come. In fact, this post you’re reading now? My first impulse was to start a Twitter thread about it. I redirected here, which is a good sign. The habits I developed while using Twitter can be put to use elsewhere, to directly serve my interests, rather than mine and a major platform’s. As time goes on, I plan to add a message board and even gasp a web ring of other sites of TTRPG creators and podcasters.

And, honestly? I’m hopeful about this change. It’s going to be a lot of work, no question. It’s also a chance for me to get creative in new ways and to learn new things.

As for Twitter, I’m keeping my account there for the foreseeable future. It’ll likely end up just being automated tweets that I’ll update and refresh. I’m just going to choose to not expose myself to the nonsense that’s likely to arrive when a super privileged, ultra wealthy, whiney man baby of a person takes the company private and makes it his own personal stomping ground. If you want to automate your account, too, check out the post I did explaining the process.

As I make these updates, I plan to document them so other people can check out what it took to get them done. I hope the end up being helpful.