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Paper Arcade vol. 2 Theme Announcement!

As you may know, I’ve begun production on Paper Arcade vol. 2. With this issue, I wanted to focus on raising up Black voices. To that end, I’ve asked a number of talented creators to be part of this project. They’re all listed at the end of this post.

As part of the process, I’m putting myself at as much of a remove from the content of the volume as I can. For vol. 1, I did the editing of the games, the community chose the theme, and I did all of the layout and graphic design. With vol. 2 focusing on Black voices, I don’t want my voice to be present, really. To that end, I’ve got an editor and a graphic designer to take over those duties from me.

As well, the team collective chose the theme:

Black Liberation

The four short games in Paper Arcade vol. 2 will focus on the theme of Black Liberation, as viewed and interpreted by the writers, editor, and cover artist. My role is in this is project management and production. In subsequent volumes of Paper Arcade, I’ll employ the same tactics, bringing in creators of specific marginalized backgrounds to represent their communities in game design. And, each of these projects is equity-based, so when the Kickstarter funds, we’ll each be paid a base of $1,500 for our work. More if the KS raises more.

I believe that it’s my responsibility as a white creator to use the position and power I have to amplify non-white voices. As a queer creator, it’s my responsibility to do the same for queer voices. The same goes for any marginalized community. When the time comes, I hope you’ll join me in doing the same, and support the Kickstarter.

Paper Arcade vol. 2 Creative Team

Tanya DePass (@cypheroftyr)

Graphic Designer
Jabari Weathers (@GoblinPrincete)

Rabbit Stoddard (@caudelac)
Bee Zelda (@Bee_Zelda)
Julia B. Ellingboe (@QueenOvPirates)
Lloyd Gyan (@druggeddwarf)