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It’s the first of the month, so why not start a new accountability/public info thing for the projects I’ve got going on? Ready? Here’s what I’m working on, how, why, and the deadlines (or lack thereof).

Professional RPG Projects

Iron Edda Accelerated

Status: In Progress | Deadline: Pending

Iron Edda Accelerated has been written and has gone through a developmental edit with Encoded Designs. It is slated to have a proofreading pass, then be turned into a backers preview for the Kickstarter. The Kickstarter itself is slated for launch sometime in the next few weeks Firm date will come this week.


Status: In Progress | Deadline: 1st Draft, Dec 2018

Valkyries is a Fate-derived, card-focused tabletop RPG/possible skirmish game. I’m writing it in Google Drive, with initial card layout happening in Sheets (possibly). Current draft is at 1,766 words, and the next thing I’m going to tackle is the Archetypes and their mechanics, plus some stunt-based weapons.


Status: In Progress | Deadline: September-ish

Terror•Form is a diceless game of a far-future Earth in two phases: In Terror, you are one of the Forgotten, a person left on Earth to try and survive the process of teraforming our own planet. In Form, it is five generations later and your people have survived, are thriving. Then, those who left return.

I’m writing it in Microsoft Word and Google Drive (Word makes it easier to make character sheets for drafting purposes). Current draft is at 976 words, in the form of a two-sided character sheet. Next steps are incorporating feedback from a playtest session at Origins in June, 2018.

Isles of Blood and Mist

Status: Not Begun | Deadline: N/A

I was a stretch goal for Blades in the Dark and have a hack due. Sometime. I’m floating a bit driftless on this one and will give it time and attention when I’m able. I’m going to make it happen, though.

Karthun GMs Guides

Status: In Progress | Deadline: When They’re Done

Brian is working on the D&D version of the Guide, which will serve as a template for the other five. He’s busy and is getting it done as he’s able. Once he’s done with that, I’ll begin work on the other five, with his help. They’re coming, it’s just going to take some time.

Personal RPG Projects

Neon Sundown

Status: In Progress | Deadline: N/A

A short game built as a riff on Grant Howitt’s Honey HeistNeon Sundown is about cool-talking, hip-shooting rhinestone bounty hunters operating at night in The City. The group comes up with a Target and has to hunt them down before the sun comes up. If their stats get out of whack, they retire, riding off into the neon sundown.

I’m writing this in Google Drive. Current draft is at 240 words. It needs major fleshing out.

NeoScum Fate Characters

Status: In Progress | Deadline: N/A

I did the first set of characters for the prequel arc of NeoScum and have notes down for the first arc of the show. Going to sit down when it feels like a fun time to do these and work them up. Of all the projects in this post, this one’s for me most of all. Characters are made in custom-made fillable PDFs.

Someone to Watch Over Me

Status: In Progress | Deadline: N/A

This is a game about shipping Overwatch characters! It’s built using Fate Accelerated. So basically, you go on dates in Overwatch locations and explore how the video game versions of these characters interact between matches where they have to fight each other. Written in Google Drive, current draft is at 1,103 words. I need to make Ultimate Abilities for each of the characters for my next steps.


Status: On Haitus | Deadline: N/A

This one’s a little more complicated. TheOtherCast has been suspended for a while, now. My fiancee badly broke her ankle a little over a month ago (surgery, two plates, 10 screws), and with her off work and needing help, there’s been no time to play sessions as a group, let alone edit audio. That time off has given me a lot of time to think about the podcast and what I want from it.

  • Fewer Shows – The current lineup of Zakros Span, Dresden Files: Columbus, Sigil Confidential, and Flames of Petruvia is way too much for me to keep up with. I need to talk with the group in person to decide what we want to keep playing, but something has to give.
  • A Different Schedule – Ideally, after that conversation I’ll be in a place where I can release one episode every other week. That’s a schedule I can maintain. I’d like to do two show releases a month that way; Show 1 on the first week, Show 2 on the second week, etc. I have a feeling we’ll end up with more shows than that recorded, at least for a while, so there might be unscheduled releases of that extra content.
  • Patreon Exclusive Content – Right now patrons aren’t getting much for their support and I want to change that. That said, I don’t want to take existing shows ans put them behind a paywall, so I need to figure out a solution there.
  • Better Editing and More Music/Effects – With fewer shows and a more reasonable release schedule, I should be able to focus down and learn more about how to make better actual play episodes. That’s something I’m going to focus on, regardless. I’m hopeful those other items will help this one come to pass.

Fractal Worlds Patreon

Status: On Haitus | Deadline: N/A

I don’t currently have any idea what I’m going to do with this. I have about $20 per project release sitting there, but I don’t currently have the time or bandwidth to commit to another regular game release schedule. I’m going to keep giving this thought and see if there’s not something I can do.

That’s it for this status update. I’m not going to say that I’ll do one of these weekly, but that’d be nice. I mainly wanted to let everyone know what I’m doing and where those projects are.