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This coming Wednesday, we’re going to have what will likely be the last session of the Star Wars: Rogue Trader game on TheOtherCast. This is a pretty cool milestone for us. We started playing this campaign just about a year ago. As had been my habit, I’d asked the group if I could record the sessions. We had no idea it would be the start of what’s become a 3-show, thrice weekly podcast.

Now that’s wrapping up.

The audio of this campaign is going to take us a while to get through. You’ll be able to enjoy the shenanigans of the Sunrunner’s crew through at least January. That’ll also coincide with the 1-year anniversary of the podcast, and that feels really cool also. This has changed from me putting down a voice recorder into a podcast that we’re all involved in creating. It’s been a really cool transformation to be part of.

As you might imagine, we’ve been talking about what’s going to come next. After all, we’re wrapping this campaign, so something’s gotta take its place, right?


Rogue Trader is going to be replaced on the feed by a Dresden Files Accelerated game we’re starting two weeks after Star Wars wraps up. We’re probably going to have the first actual session happen right around Halloween, so we’re thinking we’ll release that soon after as our annual spooky episode. That’ll also serve as a teaser for the DFA game to hit the feed full-time once we go through all of the Star Wars audio.

For the other games, who knows? Fate of the Planes doesn’t have an endpoint in mind. Zakros Span could wrap up in as little as a few months. We’ve talked about looking at replacing Zakros with a series of mini-campaigns where we change off GMing duties and get a chance to spend 3-4 sessions on our backlog of games that we’ve not played yet.

It’s an exciting time for TheOtherCast. We’re all really looking forward to the DFA game. We’re also going to be sad to say goodbye (for now) to the character and universe of Rogue Trader. The future of the show looks bright. Thank you for listening to us learn how to do this, and for supporting our efforts. We love these games and we hope you do, too.