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It’s a big week over here in my corner of the world. For the last few months I’ve been prepping and recording two new actual play shows for the podcast.

Fate of the Planes

Fate of the Planes is, well, Planescape played using modified Fate Core rules. The episodes are much more casual, with far less rolling than in other games on the network. As well, it’s only three players, with me running the game. We’re much more interested in how the characters interact than we are the mechanics (though those mechanics do support the story). It’s a lot of fun. The first episodes are a lot of setup, so I hope folks stick with it. As well, this show will be posted every other week, to make sure we don’t run out of content due to our play schedule.

Fate of the Planes launches tomorrow, June 13th, at 8:00am!

The Zakros Span

The Zakros Span is actually an old campaign that our group is coming back to about over a year away. That’s convenient, because the characters themselves were away from their home town for (wait for it….) about 18 months! The group of us built this setting collaboratively, making a map as we went, with the GM taking notes and integrating our content and suggestions into his vision for the world and the game.

Because we’ve all been away (characters and players), we’re not doing a huge info dump about our past. We’re doing our best to let it come up organically and have the history come through our play. It’s an interesting experiment, and I’m excited to see where it goes. And like Rogue Trader, Zakros Span will be a weekly show.

The Zakros Span launches on Thursday, June 15th, at 8:00am!

But wait, there’s more!


Origins is, year after year, my favorite convention. It’s close to me and I get to see a lot of my favorite people in the industry. This year, I’m not running any official games, and I’ve only got a few scheduled meetings or hang-outs. I mostly plan on relaxing at the convention center, writing, hanging out, and recording casual chats with people as I’m able. The convention starts Wednesday and I’ll be around there starting Wednesday night. I’m very excited about it!

So, new shows and a badass convention. I think it’s going to be a good week.