Ragnarok has Come, and Fate is Broken

Make Your Own Destiny

Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone was originally written as Bones of the Earth, a Fate hack for another company’s Kickstarter. That whole project didn’t pan out on my end, aside from the fact that it was Creative Commons licensed and I was able to write an expanded version of the game.

In Iron Edda, you play a Norse-inspired character in a world where Ragnarok has come in the form of 50-foot tall, metal Dwarven Destroyers rising out of the ground across Midgard. Humanity cried out for help and Loki provided the means for humans to bond themselves to the bones of dead giants. Think Pacific Rim meets Skyrim.

The game needs the Fate Core and Fate Accelerated rules to play.

There’s also a companion novel and an expansion book for this game. Sveidsdottir and Tales of the Skalds.

Update: There’s a new version of the game in the works, using the Fate framework found in Dresden Files Accelerated. It should come to Kickstarter July of 2018, so look for ward to it!