Welcome to TheOtherCast!

TheOtherCast is an RPG Actual Play podcast, with three shows active!

Our first campaign, Rogue Trader, is a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game, run by Tracy Barnett, and played by Jason Flowers (Zoya), Jared Anderson (Bragga), Talcott Starr (Spjörk), Jeff Kitner (Big Baby), and Ben Menard (Zolin).

Our second show is The Zakros Span. This is a D&D 5e game using a homebrew setting we made as a group. It’s a campaign we’re coming back to after a long hiatus, which corresponds to the characters coming back to their home city after a similar amount of in-game time. There’s a lot of backstory that gets shared out in-game, which is a lot of fun.

The players are Tracy Barnett (Morthos Random), Ben Menard (Findala), Jeff Kinter (Cora), Jessica Logan (Elatia), Jason Flowers (Antenor), and Talcott Starr (Dripsnout Frackle). This game is run by Jared Anderson.


Our third game is Fate of the Planes, a Planescape game run using a drift of Fate Core. This is a smaller group of players, so we get a lot more interpersonal interaction and slice-of-life play. It’s been described as “incredibly charming.” We enjoy it a lot. It’s played by Talcott Starr (Alistair Alloysius Alabaster, Esq.), Elissa Leach (Marlowe Graves), and Jessica Logan (Rhogar “Hans” von Zovarovich IV).