Iron Edda: Flames of Petruvia, Episode 01 – Setup and Character Creation
Iron Edda: Flames of Petruvia

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Welcome to Flames of Petruvia! This new campaign uses the in-progress gameĀ Iron Edda Accelerated, coming to Kickstarter in July 2018 from Encoded Designs and Tracy Barnett.

This first session is long. Almost 3 hours of setting and character creation. When I was editing, I couldn’t find a good break point, so I left it whole. Subsequent episode will be closer to an hour in length. Enjoy meeting the players, characters, and being introduced to the setting.


MUSIC: Intro and outro are Patagonia, by Scott Buckley, used under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.

Iron Edda Accelerated is by Tracy Barnett and published by Encoded Designs. Fate is the property of Evil Hat Productions (

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