Sacrifice. Vengeance. A Single Bullet.

One Shot is the second game I wrote, and in some ways it’s the game I’m both the most proud and least proud of. The least proud part comes from how quickly I wrote it and threw up a Kickstarter, assuming that my audience for School Daze would follow along because it’s the same system. Turns out that a two-player game that centers around one person giving up their most important personal relationships in order to enact their vengeance is a far cry from a high school movie game. (Really, that didn’t hit me for a while).

However, I’m really proud of the game itself. I think it captures exactly what I wanted it to capture, and it outlines some really good tools for playing and running games collaboratively. It’s personal, difficult, and a really interesting experience.

Also, one of the most amazing things to come out of the experience is that someone offered to make an entire soundtrack for the game. If you buy the game from either source, you also get the soundtrack. So cool.

If you want a different, challenging game experience, pick up One Shot from the Exploding Rogue Store or DriveThruRPG!