Iron Edda Accelerated

Ragnarok has Come, and Fate is Broken

Make Your Own Destiny

Ragnarok is here! The Dwarven Destroyers bear down on your holdfast. A cult dedicated to Loki forments deadly mischief within your walls. The local seer envisions young warriors throwing off clan ties, merging with the spirits of giants to save their holdfast. Fight, bleed, sacrifice, and save your people for as long as you can. Welcome to Iron Edda Accelerated!

  • Epic Norse Action.Pick up your axe and shield to fight the metallic hordes of the Dwarves as they come to raze the world. Look through the roots of the World Tree to the Lands of the Gods and find the most opportune place to strike. Bring together your people and lead them against threats both outside and within your holdfast. Be the blazing heart of a dead giant fighting the metal monstrosities. Stand against the Dwarves rising from below to reclaim what was once theirs…or so Loki tells them.
  • Heroes of the Holdfast.You are the heroes of the age, dealing with the chaos and glory of Ragnarok: a time for legends to be born. Fight hordes of Dwarven spiders, convince fractured factions to fight together, travel the planes to secure aid in the form of magical artifacts to save clan and loved ones. Ragnarok seeks to end everything, but you have the power to keep it from destroying your holdfast for a little while longer.
  • Internal Holdfast Politics.While external dangers are daunting, insidious threats corrupting from within may prove equally as deadly. People look for opportunities to gain power, even as Armageddon approaches. Convince your Jarl to make peace with the other holdfasts instead of war. Rally your warriors and keep their spirits high in the face of terror. Root out dissidents seeking to unbalance the power structure of your holdfast. Stabilize your own homes if your Jarl loses control. Keep your community strong or the Dwarves will easily overrun your holdfast!


Iron Edda Accelerated invites a wide variety of stories set against the backdrop of Ragnarok. The Holdfast Creation system lets you take the elements presented, ask questions about the holdfast, and uncover the rest through play. While answering those questions you will also draw a map of your holdfast, providing a visual representation of your experiences. The map functions as a play aid and reminder of your holdfast’s environs, the problems arrayed against you, and the places you’ve decided are important.

Iron Edda Accelerated uses a variation of the Fate Accelerated™ system, by Evil Hat Productions. Fate Accelerated makes the characters instantly competent and dramatic through their approaches and aspects. In addition, story stress tracks help the GM weigh and present various problems assaulting the holdfast.

Other mechanisms help promote the kind of play Iron Edda promises:

  • Scale– Giant metal monstrosities, heroes larger than life, magical runes leveled against enemies, and venerated weapons of legend. Rules are provided to determine the weight of these elements in play.
  • Destinies– A wide selection of mythic Norse-inspired destinies, including the Bonebonded, Runescribed, Seer, or even the Farmer, help players make characters that fit into the setting.
  • Holdfast Creation– Create your holdfast through a series of questions and depicting your answers on a hand-drawn map. When completed, the players will be faced with a series of problems that assail the holdfast and the characters’ paths are clear. Legendary stories unfold quickly!

Gather your companions, build your world, and tell your tale. Will you stave off the forces of an unexpected Ragnarok, or will your tale be as so much ash, blown and tossed by the winds of change? Decide your Fate!

Iron Edda Accelerated is written by Tracy Barnett and published by Encoded Designs. To purchase, please head to DriveThruRPG. To contact Tracy about appearances, streams, or anything else Iron Edda-related, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.